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The place of rights

A very helpful and encouraging exchange on placeblog positions my unfolding project as – to use the words of the blog’s author, Linda Carroli – operating in recognition of the complexity that needs-wants mapping, appreciating that “the questions of social and spatial justice are woven into the fortunes of cities and communities”.

In advance, gulp, of a paper to be spoken in April, I’m currently looking at David Harvey‘s call, in The Right to the City, to democratize that right. What does it mean to promote the right of all to the city? I am thinking on how rights to property seem to manifest in an assertion of rights as property. I’m remembering the right to be lonely, and the concept of “livelihood struggles”.

And, after watching Land of the Dead in relation to writing about zombies, I will have to try very hard not to incorporate any reference to Dennis Hopper’s hilariously wooden performance as Kaufman, specifically his cries of “you have no right … NO RIGHT!” to the zombies advancing on Fiddler’s Green.


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