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La Primavera

We won’t use guns/we won’t use bombs/we’ll use the one thing we’ve got more of /that’s our minds

Cocker 1995 (who, in a recent interview, said he’d always thought that song was “a bit naive”; this after a note from Candida Doyle about her many years on the dole before Pulp hit the big time).

Predictable and fanciful maybe, but it’s very striking to me that Primavera Sound and the protests in the plaça are occuring at the same time. It’s hipsters and protesters, politics and culture, occupying the same space in a more particular fashion than usual. What political and ethical work is being done here by people who have lives marked as intellectual or creative (cognitariats, creative classes)? Again, it is a scene shared by the ostensibly divisible hipsters and protesters, but surely it doesn’t have to look like this….


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