activism / community / culturemaking / solidarities

Solidarity, self, occupy, democracy: More readings

Camping and caring – Linda Carroli

Occupicnic: Or, how to resist resistance and render harm harmless by decamping – Peter Chambers

Decolonizing solidarity – Sara Koopman

Activism bound – Angela Mitropoulos

Place blogging: Brisbane, 1988 – Linda Carroli

Wounded attachments – Wendy Brown

Occupying Sydney: Some initial ponderings – Doctor Pen

The will of the many – Marianne Maeckelbergh, from the book

Riots and occupations: The fall of the US and the rise of the politics of refusal – Jayna Brown and Jack Halberstam

Emotional self-management for activists – Chris Barker, Brian Martin, Mary Zournazi

In the Tiger’s Mouth: An empowerment guide for social action – Katrina Shields

Activism as fetishism – your blogger; a bit of conversation + a revisit


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