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Foreclosing on foreclosure

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Speaking of Newtown, I’ve been reading about the Black Friday eviction, a story from the Great Depression, dated Friday 19 June, 1931. The local historian Alan Sharpe describes it thusly:

“News got out the police were coming to evict a family living at Newtown. The well-organised, Communist-led Unemployed Worker’s Movement, having already prevented many evictions, gathered in and around number 143 [King Street?]…

From the crowded balcony the defenders hurled road metal and full-size bricks down on the police who promptly drew revolvers and began firing, forcing the pickets to seek cover….

It was the second occasion in which police actually fired on pickets. The first was during an eviction siege in Brancourt Avenue, Bankstown two days earlier.”

– ‘Newtown’s Black Friday’, Pictorial History Newtown, Alan Sharpe 1999.

The collective, defended refusal to leave may change the pattern of gentrification, perhaps, if you can find a way of getting around the brutal barrier of the NSW police. (I can’t help but think of the US again here, and the well-organised communities who have cropped up around home loan foreclosure, coalescing into Occupy Our Homes).

(thanks to Disco for research support on this one!)


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