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Framing occupy, homelessness, solidarity

In 2000 the sociologist Rob Rosenthal published a study on public representations of homelessness (cited, for example in studies such as this one on homelessness, social work and the print media in Australia). Rosenthal’s study grouped mainstream media representations of homelessness into three loose categories: Lackers, Slackers and Unwilling Victims. I’ve been reflecting (surprise surprise) … Continue reading

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Solidarity, self, occupy, democracy: More readings

Camping and caring – Linda Carroli Occupicnic: Or, how to resist resistance and render harm harmless by decamping – Peter Chambers Decolonizing solidarity – Sara Koopman Activism bound – Angela Mitropoulos Place blogging: Brisbane, 1988 – Linda Carroli Wounded attachments – Wendy Brown Occupying Sydney: Some initial ponderings – Doctor Pen The will of the … Continue reading

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From yesterday at #occupysydney

It’s a surreal serendipity that as we gather in Martin Place, we are flanked by colourful flags strung from the light poles with some ‘what if’ questions gathered as part of a City of Sydney public art program. As I look down the left side of the square, there is a very apt triptych fluttering … Continue reading

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Occupy is a troubling word. It makes a good hashtag and just now it’s an inspired counteroffensive to the colonisations of globalised American capital, multiplying from the virtual control centre on Wall Street. A new friend, visiting from Italy, says her son is ‘unoccupied’ at the moment, and then laughs at herself for the way … Continue reading