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Roaches and restitution

“I don’t see what I’ve done so wrong that I can’t live like everyone else in the world, live in a house and have a house that I can call home.” – Sam (pseudonym) qtd in Besides one’s self: Homelessness felt and lived, by Catherine Robinson, p.93. Last night I was able to get a … Continue reading

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These reflections on adjunct life, homelessness and getting fucked pushes on the ethics of solidarity. Or: the story about wine here is one I can relate to, and is complemented by many more aspects of the particularly terrible adjunct experience in the US… and yet, surely we want better than to be spared the pain … Continue reading

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“These forms of urban informality… are expressions of class power”

In warming to the theme of a geopolitics of urban renewal (alteration, innovation): “The splintering of urbanism does not take place at the fissure between formality and informality but rather, in fractal fashion, within the informalized production of space. Informal urbanization is as much the purview of wealthy urbanites as it is of slum dwellers. … Continue reading

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Framing occupy, homelessness, solidarity

In 2000 the sociologist Rob Rosenthal published a study on public representations of homelessness (cited, for example in studies such as this one on homelessness, social work and the print media in Australia). Rosenthal’s study grouped mainstream media representations of homelessness into three loose categories: Lackers, Slackers and Unwilling Victims. I’ve been reflecting (surprise surprise) … Continue reading

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“class is built into the physical landscape of the country” (18)

From Estates: An intimate history, by Lynsey Hanley, 2007: “It’s not something you think about when you’re growing up. Wow, I’m really alienated. My school is suffering from its single-class intake. What this estate needs is a decent public-transport infrastructure…. Council estates are nothing to be scared of, unless you are frightened of inequality. They … Continue reading

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“I’m sure Wilson thought he was a Situationist until the end”

“Andy Lockhart: In the book you make an interesting connection between Manchester’s famous music scene and today’s property developers. Could you tell us what this is all about? Owen Hatherley: I think it’s partly the self-presentation of them – like Nick Johnson’s talk where he basically says the foundation of Urban Splash is the Sex … Continue reading