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From yesterday at #occupysydney

It’s a surreal serendipity that as we gather in Martin Place, we are flanked by colourful flags strung from the light poles with some ‘what if’ questions gathered as part of a City of Sydney public art program. As I look down the left side of the square, there is a very apt triptych fluttering … Continue reading

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Occupy is a troubling word. It makes a good hashtag and just now it’s an inspired counteroffensive to the colonisations of globalised American capital, multiplying from the virtual control centre on Wall Street. A new friend, visiting from Italy, says her son is ‘unoccupied’ at the moment, and then laughs at herself for the way … Continue reading

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Art and housing

“The loosely associated group of crashers who frequent Napoleon’s guest house: touring musicians, bored kids with nowhere else to go or nothing else to do, and anyone whose job isn’t really a job (like “painter”) have agreed that the key should remain under the mat – the first place any desperate individual would look – … Continue reading

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Community, cultural, development

On community development: “Relative poverty within a country has a massive impact on issues related to social exclusion. Setting this within an understanding of world poverty and environmental justice gives insight into the ways in which the problems lie with disproportionate levels of consumption in Western societies which the earth cannot sustain. Therefore, a critical … Continue reading

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From Chiapas, 2007 (an essay disguised as a blogpost)

The city of San Cristóbal de las Casas, sitting high in the jungly mountains of the south-eastern Mexican state of Chiapas, has a history of foreign tourism dating from the beginning of Spanish imperialism in the region (Nelson). When I am there in October 2007, two groups of foreign tourist stand out to me in … Continue reading