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David Ley on “the aestheticisation of place”

“Artists … are very special members of the middle class for they stretch its imagination, its desires, even its practices, beyond its norms and conventions. The artistic lifestyle, like the creative art-work, deliberately presses the borders of conventional middle-class life, while at the same time representing its advancing, colonising arm. … [T]his venturing is part … Continue reading

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“The rough edges of my neighborhood allow me to separate my identities as a young urban professional by day and a struggling artist by night.”

“I felt a renewed sense of belonging. The three-month project is at once an arts-based gathering space, an events venue and an opportunity for micro-retail. The look and feel recalls a turn-of-the-century traveling circus, which is fitting due to its transitory nature. … The rough edges of my neighborhood allow me to separate my identities … Continue reading

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Vacant possession

A Talk for Time Machine: A Festival of Experimental Time-Based Art: Thanks to the Serial Space collective (especially Jennifer Hamilton) for organising Time Machine and inviting this talk into the program, and thanks to all who took part in the ensuing discussion. I think there was some energy for intentionally bringing together artist communities and … Continue reading

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Solidarity, self, occupy, democracy: More readings

Camping and caring – Linda Carroli Occupicnic: Or, how to resist resistance and render harm harmless by decamping – Peter Chambers Decolonizing solidarity – Sara Koopman Activism bound – Angela Mitropoulos Place blogging: Brisbane, 1988 – Linda Carroli Wounded attachments – Wendy Brown Occupying Sydney: Some initial ponderings – Doctor Pen The will of the … Continue reading