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Roaches and restitution

“I don’t see what I’ve done so wrong that I can’t live like everyone else in the world, live in a house and have a house that I can call home.” – Sam (pseudonym) qtd in Besides one’s self: Homelessness felt and lived, by Catherine Robinson, p.93. Last night I was able to get a … Continue reading

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“The rough edges of my neighborhood allow me to separate my identities as a young urban professional by day and a struggling artist by night.”

“I felt a renewed sense of belonging. The three-month project is at once an arts-based gathering space, an events venue and an opportunity for micro-retail. The look and feel recalls a turn-of-the-century traveling circus, which is fitting due to its transitory nature. … The rough edges of my neighborhood allow me to separate my identities … Continue reading

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Dan Hill on “the professional generalist”

“… we are beginning to understand that there are certain characteristics required for this new work, one that often concerns spatial qualities but only as part of a wider brief, with different drivers other than the building. Here, this role is often dubbed the ’professional generalist‘, a leader-type that must have the ability to talk … Continue reading